The tilt

The tilt Our love is most precious sokro vishch world.

And they put a cauldron in the middle of a dugout.

Then dispute on the one to whom follows rasporyawas started over again to press close a treasure, and it lasted until all decided four to go with gold to one wellknown mudre tsu, living far in the steppe.

There were they the steppe many days and here came to the wise man's tilt cart.

The tilt cart stood aloone among steppes, it was black and poor.

Travelers entered a tilt cart and with poklo numbers appeared before the wise man.

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To calm

To calm And why just like that you cannot?

mother was surprised.

Because I cannot Maxim, and about himself cut off on thought Try, tell you about the problems.

You under you nimt such turmoil that everything will become even worse.

To calm mother, Maxim became more diligent to study, and once with pleasure told that on the historical Victoria not its group, thanks to it, won first place.

Quiz the new class teacher the historian organized theM. Not surprisingly, you a lot of historical books about persons mother noticed and asked And what for the new class teacher?

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Encourage Prepare necessary toys, pictures, an aksessu ry, musical instruments, tape recorder.

Systematically and purposefully expand it is sensual ny experience of the child.

Regularly create problem situations in povsednev ache lives.

Ask the child questions, involve him in active di alog.

Encourage speech and communicative activity of the child.

Create conditions for the involuntary use of the word, containing the set sound.

Remember that use of analogue is allowed the sound which is not coinciding completely on the acoustic and to articulation signs with a standard of the correct speech, but accurately opposed to all other sounds.

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Let's work

Let's work But because the network Facebook very access on and close teenagers, I think they will cope.

Let's work together.

It's time to sum up.

Communication on Facebook transition phase.

If we fill it with content, we can reach the next, more deep level, to feel the real inner connection.

For this purpose, we can use those adolescents who are already keen for the highest.

In the following we will continue this temu Part two p ochithenie and evaluation M s discussed the issues of youth education.

We have already talked about virtual relations and the notion of narcissism that Pro is in adolescents.

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That they

That they Materials Four soft toys a cat, a dog, a bear and for Instruction I brought you four soft toys and I leave them here, in a class.

That they felt happy, they need at least ten strong embraces in day.

In shop in which I bought them, sellers could not embrace them so often, and from it to toys it was bad.

Now they are happy that appeared here because from you they can to receive that is so necessary for theM. You are ready to take care of them?

You can explain to me why it is necessary to take toys on hands and to embrace them?

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